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Las Vegas – Dos And Don’ts

How long has it been since you’ve visited Las Vegas? If it’s been more than a blink of your eye, you won’t recognize it the next to you’re there! I’ve learned to never expect the same Las Vegas that I remember. It’s a constantly evolving city that never sleeps! I know New York claims that distinction… but c’mon, you won’t see such drastic changes in NYC that you do in Las Vegas. In Las Vegas, it’s Hotels down, followed by Hotels up. Six hotels have been imploded there in the last 10 years. And the newer hotels can hardly be classified as hotels… that term is to be reserved for other cities. So don’t expect the great “hotel bargains” and “free stuff” of the past. They disappeared with the $.99 dinners. Las Vegas developers today, don’t build “hotels” anymore. They install mini-cities, mega-resorts, and the ultimate destinations! The new developments include: World-Class Chefs, Uber Spas, and amenities unheard of, or offered only to the super-rich not so long ago. Now, instead of the tacky diners and buffets, you are presented with the finest restaurants in the World, and the highest levels of entertainment. It’s a different Las Vegas! However, there are some bargains to be found if you know where to look. Explore the older places. There, you’ll still find good deals on food. You can still get a $5 steak dinner at Ellis Island on Koval Lane. One key to finding bargains is not where, but when! Don’t go at peak times. Visit in Mid-Summer for instance. You’ll need to take advantage of the AC everywhere, but the prices are lower then. Also, a good time to visit Las Vegas is during Christmas. It’s definitely an off-peak period. Don’t confuse that however with the following week; “New Years” the prices will be right back up during that period. Also, stay away during the larger conventions when Las Vegas is packed with convention attendees. During the Consumer Electronics Show in early January each year… the city is standing room only. If you don’t have to be there that week – Don’t! You should try to avoid weekends in Las Vegas too if you’re looking for a bargain. Mid-Week rates are lower. Always plan in advance of your trip to Las Vegas. Do your research, or you’ll be overwhelmed and disappointed. All the best shows will be sold out; the restaurants will be accepting no more reservations. You must make your reservations and ticket purchases ($30 – $100+) at least 7 – 10 days before your trip. To help you, most reservation desks are open 24 hours every day! If you plan well, you’ll be treated to gourmet meals prepared by celebrity chefs. The ubiquitous buffet is gone, (although, you’ll never find a better one than at the Aladdin); the 99¢ dinners are gone. But, as always, there is no time limit to enjoy the tasty treats of Las Vegas… If it’s 3am, you’ll find great restaurants are still serving! Let me mention two still-great bargains. Not only ....read more